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Company Services

We start with Consulting and discuss why Custom Application Benefits your company. It is important to establish a Homepage design that easily shows what your business is about. Another determining factor one must dedicate time to is creating a Site Map, and a Flow Chart is created hand-in-hand. Currently, a popular form of website is a Blog which we are most comfortable in providing this service in a 100% customizable manner. We can include a User Manual, unique to each application (virtual or print.) Databases will be used for all Dynamic Content.


  • Logos
  • Business Marketing & Campaigns
  • Company Identity
  • Forms


  • Professional Photography
  • Digital Photo Restoration
  • Photography Online
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Audio Production
  • Film & Video Production (HD)
  • DVD Authoring (HD)
  • Slide Show
  • Fine Art


  • Vector or Raster for Printing
  • XS - XXL Size
  • All Standard Dimension
  • Custom Website Application
  • Internet Marketing Plans
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Content Development
  • Client Driven Designs
  • Banner Ad Creation
  • Dynamic Content
  • E-Commerce
  • Multi-Media
  • Flash

More Specific Website Services:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBscript, PHP, PERL, ASP, SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL databases
  • Both Windows (IIS) and Unix based (apache) web servers
  • Flash design and Animation
  • Static Graphic Design
  • Video and Audio Optomize for Streaming
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optamization
  • Relational Websites
  • Transactional
  • Content development
  • Administrative Back-offices
  • Build Leads
  • E-blast, E-mail, Newsletters
  • Scheduled Maintenance on pages

Yes, your site can be visited by people in other parts of the world, places you have never been and places you dream of going. But when an individual uses a search engine like Google to search for 'relative to your company,' does your company come up? Most people will guarantee placement of your site in the x top position of the best search engine. We do too, you just have to pay for it, literally. However, when building a website from scratch, there are certain methods of design and development, that will ensure a faster climb up the list. The very bases and foundation of our designs revolves around this, SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Though sometimes it may seem that this is not as aesthetically pleasing, however it is effective. Together we can find a balance between the two, and generate a user friendly website and virtual reflection of your awesome brand! 

Earn Money with your new website.

We have the ability to implement Google AdSense into any number of our client websites. Please feel free to ask about Google AdSense and we would be more then happy to include these opportunities on our developing projects.


Apart from a hosting computer, Databases use Database servers. Where information is kept, and accessed from various applications. Think of a spreadsheet where values go along rows and columns.
User manual for a custom website is available upon request and is additional. An administrative back-office can be confusing to a novice in the web world. Direction for changes on the site will be laid out in detail for each application accompanied by screenshots with a detailed outline of all options available to the administrator.
Blogs can be used on a site to produce an on going narration. Custom blogs can be beneficial to many sites in the use of communication amongst a group of users. Many people enjoy the use of a blog because feedback can be provided not only by the person whom is hosting the blog, but by those individual users as well. Provided with a blog is an administration which allows for the client to generate blogs, topics, and even proof them before they are posted on the site.
Re-create the flow of decision making by the user. Showing specifically what happens when either route is taken. Usually shown best in a graphic with pages and arrows and specifics on the kinds of ‘hoops’ a user might encounter.
Site maps are created during the planning stages to finalize the structure of information for your website. This significant part allows for vital information to become available to the user upon the first few moments of entering the site.
Enhance the entire impression of your company online. Not only is it important for your business to have an online presence, but for users to navigate through your site with ease. With the right design we can reveal to users what is most important, and get the results you are looking for. Whether or not its e-commerce, your company still shows.
Whether one is creating a website from scratch or improving on an existing website, nothing will ever beat a service catered to you. After reviewing any information provided by the client web site applications are developed to meet your specific needs.
Exchange views about one's ambitions and goals for a website. To generate a plan/structure that will enable efficiency in the representation of information; specific to that of each individual client.