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Fulfilling and surpassing the expectation of our clients is our most important goal when we developing any system. 

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ProCastNation has been operating as a professional design firm for over seven years. Previously known as Yellowpoka.com, our maturity comes from our many clients' successful websites, which are still active to this day. Choosing ProCastNation as your window to the Internet world will ensure your business stays relative with information technology and aesthetics for years to come. Bringing you into the new world of 'push technology.

A few guided steps for building a website.


In this stage, which is the first of the production process we will be working in three different activities that we have stipulated to achieve and succeed in the development stage they are:

  • Negotiation: In this activity the production manager establishes a meeting with the client. They demonstrate the potential with graphics and text, illustrating all the different options and ideas that may be used to create the web site.
  • Brainstorm: During this stage the whole project has to be drafted.  Will there be special effects? Flash? Or any other types of special graphics. What employees will be needed and how long will they be needed?
  • Pre-Production: Budget- In this activity the project manager will evaluate the cost of the web site; establish the payments to the staff, software, hardware, and equipment. If the price is an issue and quality and time is compromised the work could be completely different. In some cases additional personnel may need to be hired, such as; a programmer, graphic design artist, content specialist, web developer, text editor, and photographer.  Licensing and copyrights must also be looked into at this time.
The content should now be placed on an actual rough copy which is where everyone will work through for the time being. After the rough draft is agreed upon the final project will be presented with all the corrections.  At this time the graphic artist will begin working on the details of the graphics. The programmer then begins working on securing transactions and the profile login section of the site, as well as the password search and the search engine for the site. In addition the project manager will begin to work on the guaranteed services policies and the price comparisons. The text editor will work on the FAQ's and the content specialist will be compiling, organizing and inputting all the text. Lastly the programmer must put all the essentials together to build the site up to be visually friendly.
The entire site is now set up for testing for script errors and any other things that may be incorrect such as misspellings and things that may not be viewable.  Once this is all done and there are no errors in the site and everything has been corrected, the packaging and delivery portion must be begun.
This is the last step of the process of creating a website. At this time the site has been tested repeatedly and ensured that everything is correct and can be placed online. The delivery portion can be done in different ways; such as in person delivery or email, ftp or intranet.

Step 1: CNA (Client Needs Analysis) Form is available on procastnation.com
Step 2: Ideas and specs are presented to the client, agreement is signed, deposit collected and due date for rough draft (alpha) is established.
Step 3: Based on materials and content provided by client rough draft is presented, FINAL changes are discussed and deadline is established, hours worked up until that point are paid.
Step 4: Final project is presented to the client by the deadline date and remainder of hours are paid.